NCC delivers new content that combines VR with content in an innovative way.

Characteristics of NCC

NCC Video

NCC (New Creative Contents)

As we enter the fourth industrial era, rapid changes are taking place in all sectors, including society, economy, and culture.
NCC provides new content that will lead the fourth industrial era. NCC VR is an innovative combination of content and VR which will make customer to fell the first-hand of cultural change.


NCC VR Contents Platform

#01. transparent compensation system

By applying blockchain technology, NCC will achieve healthy and sustainable growth through the NCC VR content platform, where users can enjoy diverse content on the platform while also receiving rewards and seek to achieve a fair compensation system for anyone other than a few.

#02. Billing economic system

The Billing Economy System is a key system for creating the NCC ecosystem, and it is a payment system that protects the money transactions occurring in NCC in a safe and transparent manner. Through blockchain ledger technology, participants are guaranteed ownership of registered content, and they are not allowed to forge or tamper when they receive returns from operations to ensure transparent compensation and distribution of profits.


NCC Business Vision

#01. NCC VR Contents Platform

#02. NCC Contents intellectual Property Business

Based on content’s copyright and trademark for effective content business to maximize the value of content by selling model

Creating NCC-self Contents (Movies)

We will operates Open Contents Product System, which will helps to anyone with passion for movies. Anyone will upload their own movie script or their own making film on the NCC VR content platform, select pieces that will appeal to many users and start making real films. If you only have passion for movies, you can make your own NCC VR content platform helps.

Creating NCC-self Contents (Drama)

NCC will plan and produce a short new-concept drama series which suit the tastes of busy modern people. We're currently in talks with the domestic film industry to produce and air

Creating NCC-self Contents (IP Business)

OSMU refers to deploying a single source or content into multiple product types.
By transforming and selling a circular content in various ways, such as movies, games, musicals, animations, character products, and toys, the company has the advantage of earning high added value with low investment costs and it has become a basic strategy for the cultural industry today


NCC VR Contents


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NCC Roadamap





Park, Jae hyun

CEO of NC Partners Pte., Ltd. 

Former Public TV station CP

Gong, Jong ryeol

Head of the Korea Blockchain Research Institute and Foundation Master

Former Director of Information and Communication Policy at the Ministry of Information and Communication, CEO of Korea Mobile Internet Co., Ltd.

Park, Chan yool

Drama Producer

[Masterpiece] The Producer, Love of witch, The Third Charm

Lee, Seung ye

<Present> CEO of Hyorim Co., Ltd.

<Former> Chairman of the operations committee of the Traum World Expo, Board member of Agle Entertainment Co., Ltd. 

Kim, Chang gon

Air-professor of Convergence Electronics Engineering In Hanyang University

Former Vice Minister of Information and Communication, Director of the Korea Information Society Agency

Jung, Gwang yool

CEO of Yesung CNI Co., Ltd. 

Former Director of Research institute in Hitel Co., Ltd., Samsung Networks Co., Ltd. Development Director

Park, Young jun

CEO of Jun Style Co., Ltd.

Former Producer of Cheil Planning,
The video director of the PyeongChang Winter Olympics,
2018 Cannes Lions, Clio Awards Gold Medal (Pyeongchang Winter Olympics Drone/Run Performance)
2014 Korea Advertising Awards Gold Award

Sean Yong

CEO of OK-Systemz Co., Ltd. 

Former Section Manager of Samho Heavy Industry

Tumi Kim

Director of asia blockchain Foundation

Kuek Ziyi

SNS Influencer / Model

Former Miss Singapore, National Inline Skater



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